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As always, we love to add some small and cute items to our Popular DIY Crafts blog. In DIY Jewelry category, you can learn step by step guides to make your own which will cover rings, bracelet, necklace and more. By visiting more often, we believe you can make your own beautiful jewelry very soon. If you have made some jewelries before, our blog will be helpful to get inspirational idea.

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How to Make Fimo Flower Earrings

Here're diy fimo flower earrings used from polymer clay. If you love making jewelry from polymer clay, try making these pretty Fimo flower earrings. Those beautiful fimo flowers are absolutely easy to make and so cool. Read more>>

How to Make An Easy Statement Necklace

Hi.... Happy weekend everybody! Would you like this statement necklace? They are so cute and quite easy to make. You can change it your favorite other materials or etc :::and designs. Read more>>

How to Make Ombre Knotted Bracelet's diy ombre knot bracelet. Let’s make a simple and fashionable ombre bracelet. This is fashionable and matches many styles. It is easy to make and you can change your favorite colors. Read more>>

How to Make Old Jeans Bracelet

Hi.... Today is a beautiful day for all. Here's diy old jean bracelet. It is soo simple and pretty. So you can do it and only take about 10 minutes to work. How to do this fancy bracelet? Follow step by step to learn picture below. Read more>>

How to Make Braided Necklace

Today is a beautiful day for all. What is your favorite necklace design? Do you like the braided necklace? We have one idea to make the braided necklace. Would you like to try? It is easy to make and take only about 20 minutes to work it. Read more>>