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How to Make Heart Shaped Paper

We love 3D paper things. How do you think? This heart paper is easy and so cute. No adhesive needed; the only ingredient is paper. You can make for Valentine Day's present or for someone. Let's try! Follow the steps to do the pictures below.

How to Make Simple Zipper Flower Brooch

How easy it is to make your own? It is easy to make and so cute. You can make it your favorite designs. This is an easy brooch tutorial which includes only seven steps. So Follow this Easy Fabric Flower Brooch tutorial and learn how to made it.

How to Make Fiber Lab Paper Bracelets

How about making your own Fiber Lab bracelets? We think you will like this. It is so cute and easy to make these paper bracelets. You can make it bigger and wear it like a crown. You can make your favorite colorful paper and designs. It is easy and fun.

How to Make Paper Envelope Flower

We plan to use this paper envelope flower to give a special gift to a friend or lover and we love these easy steps on how to make paper envelope flower for ourselves. You can use your favorite colorful papers though.

How to Make Colors Pencil Jewelry

You have loads of small stubby color pencils that are beyond use? Some pencils are cheap and look fancy. Have you ever seen pencil jewelry? Here's some use for all of those color pencils...Jewelry, Beads and Bracelets.