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In this category, we select popular DIY clothing mostly from recycled products and make them useful. Time to time, we will update you more about how you can turn your used clothes into beautiful bags, scarfs or even sexy dress.

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Some of our popular and trending DIY products under "Clothings"

How to Make Heart Shape T-Shirt

Do you like heart shape t-shirt? Heart shaped t-shirt for Valentine's Day. They are so cute and quite easy to make. You can change your favorite colors of t-shirt. This was not easy 15 minute shirt, but it was not the hardest either. Read more>>

How to Make a Crochet Jean Skirt

Do you have a crochet jean skirt? Here's one idea to make crochet jean skirt from used old jeans. It is a fashionable. You can make easily it. And you can use either the ribbon or the crochet. Read more>>

How to Make a Pom Pom Scarf Used from T- Shirt

Hi.. Today is a beautiful day for all. Would you like diy pom pom scarf? This pom scarf is make from an old t-shirt. Pom scarf is pretty and fashionable. You can make it easily and quickly. You can take only about 1 hours to work it. How do you think this pom pom scarf? Read more>>

How to Make a Shrug from a T-Shirt

Have you seen all of the cute little shrugs that people are making out of T-shirts? Would you like a great t-shirt shrug with about 20 minutes of work? We think a good rule of thumb would be to pick a T-shirt that is at least one size larger than you normally wear if it doesn't have a lot of stretch. Read more>>

How to Make a Skirt from Used Old Jeans

Hi... Ladies .. Here's one idea to make a skirt from used old jeans. You can make a skirt, bags and purses. This jean skirt is pretty and simple. You can change your favorite designs. Ok! let's try! Read more>>