FAQ @ Popular DIY Crafts and Designs Blog.

Q: Can I use images from this blog?
A: Yes as long as you link back to the original post on this blog but if you see credit link below the image, please contact directly to the original source or owner. If you are not sure, please contact before using any images on this blog.

Q: Can I use the tutorial from this blog to make some DIY crafts for myself?
A: Definitely Yes! All the tutorials are free to use for yourself or someone you care. Nevertheless, if you plan to use for commercial purposes, please make sure you contact first before doing any production.

Q: I really would like to learn more about DIY crafts. Do you give training or organize the events?
A: Yes but not now. There are plans and events to organize soon for DIY Craft lovers. Once we are ready, we will inform all by posting on this blog. Stay tuned!

Q: I made some DIY crafts during my spare time and can I share on this blog too?
A: Welcome! Please send your DIY creations to : PopularDiyCrafts @ Gmail.Com and will be reviewed before posting on this blog. It must be your own creation and never post before on any other blogs or sites. Please note that Admin has the right to reject or accept.

Q: How often do you post a new tutorial?
A: 3-5 Tutorials will be posted per week and please make sure to subscribe in order to get the latest tutorial right in your inbox.

Q: Oh how come !!!!!!!!! I just see mine here without my permission. What should I do?
A: If you are a copyright holder and believe your content was used or post in error on this blog, please contact.

If you have further questions, please email to : PopularDiyCrafts @ Gmail.com Or fill the form here.

Thank you for visiting this blog and hope to see you around.