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In this "Beauty" category, we actually focus more on hair and beauty including eyeshadow, hair designs, nail arts and more. In most of our posts, we add step by step guides to make easier process for DIY lovers and hope these are helpful for all.

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How to Make Homemade Flavored Lip Gloss

Do you want to make your own lip balm or lip gloss ? When you make your own lip gloss, you can customize it to give it your favorite scent, flavor, and color. Lip Gloss is easy to make on your own, and you can make enough to stock up yourself and share some with your friends. Read more >>

How to Make Watermelon Toner's diy watermelon toner. Wonderful? it makes also a great ingredient for a DIY face toner, too. Watermelon can act as an defoliate and will clean and tone your skin as well.

your skin (vitamins A, C and antioxidants that may help prevent cell damage and protect your skin), This mild toner is perfect for refreshing, moisturizing, and very gently cleansing the face. Read more>>

How to Make Eye Makeup Remover

This is an amazing recipe for a homemade diy natural eye makeup remover. You can make easily the eye remover. If you can do it, follow step by step guides to make this eye makeup remover. Read more>>

How to Make Honey Hair Conditioner

If you're looking for a simple home remedy for noticeably healthier and shinier hair, you'll probably have to look no further than your kitchen cabinet or pantry. Honey is as classified as a humectant and emollient, simply meaning that it is a naturally good conditioner and moisturizer because of its ability to attract and retain water molecules. Read more>>

How to Make Rose Water Toner at Home

This is an amazing recipe for a homemade rose water toner. This weeks skin care DIY is one of my favorites! Not only does it smell amazing but it has wonderful benefits for your skin. It is easy to make it . Read more>>