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Can you imagine how you can decorate your living rooms, houses or a friend's party. Here we will share about the idea on how to do DIY decorations by yourself or even can help your friend to do his/her own. Once you know how to do, it will be much easier to create more.

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How to Make Paper Ball Ornaments

We love 3D paper things. Here're diy 3d paper ball ornaments. It is easy to make and so cool. You can use these decorative balls as a centerpiece, string several onto ribbon for ornaments or garland and bed room. And you can give also as gifts for someone. Read more>>

How to Fold Paper Butterfly

Origami butterfly doesn't have to be difficult and just a little bit of practice, your kids will be experts in no time. You can give as present the someone. Origami is a great craft for children of all ages to enjoy. They use as the ceiling for a pretty summer decoration. Read more >>

How to Make Light String with Black Cats

Hi.... Today is a beautiful Saturday. Here's light string with black cats for decorations. Would you like to try? You can make for decoration in home or night party. So easy and fun! Read more>>

How to Make Paper Heart Chain and Felt Heart Ornament & Garland

Do you like the Valentine Paper Heart Chain for decoration? And here's Felt Heart Ornament & Garland. You can use the Christmas tree. And you can use also as decorations in living room, bed room,dinning room and party. By the way, you can change your favorite colors. Read more >>

How to Make Floral Centerpieces

Hi...Here's one idea to make diy floral centerpieces. How to make this floral centerpiece? It is easy to make and you can use in living room or bed room. This floral centerpiece is pretty and simple. And you can use also as decoration that suits your party style. Read more >>