DIY - All about DIY baby items.

DIY baby items are our second favorite category on this Popular DIY Crafts Blog. We have selected carefully when we update this category in order to give you some great idea with safety concern for all the babies. If you are a mother and interested to make some DIY crafts for your baby, please make the products are suitable and safe for your baby.

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Some of our popular and trending DIY products under "Baby"

How to Make Pinky Knit Baby Hats (0 - 3 months or more)

Here's one idea to make the baby hat easily. The hats are made from cotton interlock knit and fit for 0-3 months baby or you can even make bigger one for one year old baby ….. As you can see from the pictures below, they are perfectly stretchy and comfy.

How to Make Baby Shoes

Hi.. Sorry for this late post guys: Here're diy shoes for babies. It is pretty and simple. You can make for your babies, niece and nephew. It is easily to make and take only about 20 minutes to work it.

How to Make Baby Hats From Old T-Shirt, we have collected diy baby hats from used t-shirt. It is pretty and simple. The hats are so quick and easy to make, if you want to do, follow step by step guides to make this baby hat.

How to Make Jersey Baby Headband

Today, We have collected diy jersey baby headband. This tutorial is easy peasy! And it only takes about 15 minutes to make! You can make it for your baby. How do you think this?

How to do trending baby skirts

I just love this DIY baby skirt and thought it will be even cool to make it for adult. You can easily follow the idea to guide you to do this popular and trending baby skirt.